Thang Pham

About me

I am Thang. I completed my Phd at EPFL under the supervision of Prof. Janos Pach. I am a postdoctoral researcher at UCSD in the group of Prof. Andrew H Suk since September 2017.

Office: MAC1585




  1. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  2.           Phd in Mathematics, 01.11.2013-12.06.2017

  3. University of Science, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

         Bachelor in Mathematics, 2008-2012.

Research interests

Geometric Combinatorics, Combinatorial Number Theory




A Szemeredi-Trotter type theorem, sum-product estimates in finite quasifields, and related results, with M. Tait, C. Timmons, L. A. Vinh, Journal of Combinatorial Theorey Series A, 147(2017), 55-74. (pdf)

Conditional expanding bounds for two-variable functions over finite valuation rings, with L. Q. Ham, L. A. Vinh, European Journal of Combinatorics, 60(2017), 114-123. (pdf)

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Distinct distances on regular varieties, with D. Hieu, Journal of Number Theory, 173(2017), 602-613.(pdf)

Incidences between planes over finite fields, with N. D. Phuong, L. A. Vinh, accepted in Proceedings of the AMS, (2017).(pdf)

Erdos-Renyi graph, Szemeredi-Trotter type theorem, and sum-product estimates over finite rings, with L. A. Vinh, Forum Mathematicum, 27(1) (2015).(pdf)

An improvement on the number of simplices in F_q^d, with Hiep Pham, L. A. Vinh, Discrete Applied Mathematics, 221(2017), 96-105.(pdf)

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Three-variable expanding polynomials and higer-dimensional distinct distances, with L. A. Vinh, F. de Zeeuw, to appear in Combinatorica, (2017).(pdf)

Conditional expanding bounds for two-variable functions over arbitrary fields, with H. Mojarrad, to appear in Journal of Number Theory  (2017).(pdf)

Distinct distances between points and lines in F_q^2, with N. D. Phuong, N. M. Sang, C. Valculescu, L. A. Vinh, to appear in Forum Math., (2017).(pdf)

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Four-variable expanders over the prime fields, with D. Koh, H. N. Mojarrad, C. Valculescu, submitted for publication (2017). (pdf)

Sum and product of distance sets over finite fields, with A. Iosevich, D. Koh, to be submitted soon, (2017). (a related version pdf)​​

My co-authors:

Tanbir Ahmed, Arie Bialostocki, Ben Lund, Le Ham, Do Hieu, Pham Hiep, Alex Iosevich, Doowon Koh, Hossein Mojarrad, Nguyen Phuong, Nguyen Sang, Michael Tait, Craig Timmons, Gabor Tardos, Le Anh Vinh, Claudiu Valculescu, Robert Won, Frank de Zeeuw.