Hossein Nassajian Mojarrad

I am currently a postdoc in the Combinatorial Geometry group of Janos Pach. I did my PhD in the same group under the supervision of Prof. Janos Pach. I am interested in applications of algebraic, probabilistic, and combinatorial methods to various problems in discrete geometry and combinatorics.

Office: MA C1 557

Email: hossein.mojarrad at epfl.ch


  • EPFL, 2013 – 2017

PhD in Mathematics

  • Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 2010 – 2013

B.Sc. in Mathematics


  • An improved upper bound for the Erdős-Szekeres conjecture, with G. Vlachos.

Discrete & Computational Geometry 56, 165-180, (2016). (journalarXiv)

  • On sets defining few ordinary circles, with A. Lin, M. Makhul, J. Schicho, K. Swanepoel, and F. de Zeeuw.

Discrete & Computational Geometry 59, issue 1, 59-87, (2018). (journal / arXiv)

  • Schwartz-Zippel bounds for two-dimensional products, with T. Pham, C. Valculescu, and F. de Zeeuw.

Discrete Analysis Journal, 2017:20, (2017). (journal / arXiv)

  • Conditional expanding bounds for two-variable functions over arbitrary fields, with T. Pham.

Journal of Number Theory 186, 137-146, (2018) (journal / arXiv)

  • Four-variable expanders over the prime fields, with D. Koh, T. Pham, and C. Valculescu.

Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 146, 5025-5034, (2018) (journal / arXiv)

  • On the existence of ordinary triangles, with R. Fulek, M. Naszódi, J. Solymosi, S. U. Stich, and M. Szedlák.

Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications 66, 28-31, (2017). (journal / arXiv)

  • Two extensions of the Erdős-Szekeres problem, with A. Holmsen, J. Pach, and G. Tardos.

Submitted to a journal. (arXiv)

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